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27th April 2021

Reopening of Hall

We are planning to reopen the hall after the present national lockdown ends on 17th May 2021. Please watch this space to learn about the events that will shortly be restarting.

Ruston Parva Defibrillator

The defibrillator box is now attached to Street Light No. 5 located near the centre of the hamlet, and the Automated External Defibrillator is back inside and “rescue ready”.

It was moved from its previous position at New Inn Farm, so that the cabinet could be connected to mains electricity to power an integral heater designed to keep the inside of the cabinet warm during the winter months.  The AED housed within will now be protected from being exposed to the potentially damaging effects of sub-zero temperatures, which can cause the gel in its pads to freeze and its batteries to lose charge.

A Helping Hand for Local School

Our Viilage Hall laptops that have been unused, unloved and gathering dust for a few years, have been cleaned , updated and given a new lease of life at nearby Burton Agnes Primary School. We are really pleased to have helped our local children in these unprecedented times to access on-line learning.

Quiz Nights

Great news – Our 1st Friday of the month quiz night will return to the hall, starting in June, however, until then it will continue to be held held over a Zoom video link. If you’d like to participate in the May Zoom quiz, then please contact Diane via quiz@harphamandlowthorpevillagehall.com and she’ll respond with the requisite video link data.


Our current Secretary has stood down, and we are looking for a proactive individual to take on this voluntary role, which involves minute taking, maintaining the diary and general involvement in running the Hall and events. If you are interested in joining the committee in this, or any other capacity, then please email chair@harphamandlowthorpevillagehall.com


Click on the tabs below to see the dates and times of our one-off special and regular events over the coming 3 months.

Quiz Night

Our Quiz night in May will be held over a Zoom video link – If you’d like to participate, then please contact Diane via quiz@harphamandlowthorpevillagehall.com and she’ll respond with the requisite Zoom video link data. However, all other future Quiz nights will be held in the Hall, hopefully including the customary pie and pea supper.

Date Time
04/06/2021 19:30 - 21:30
02/07/2021 19:30 - 21:30
Yoga Mats

Attend whichever type of type of class appeals to you – either Hatha Yoga on Tuesday evenings, or Gentle Yoga on Thursday Evenings, or perhaps have a go at both.

If interested then you’ll need to pre-book a slot by contacting either Helen on 07813 667023 for Hatha Yoga, or Juliet on 07896 275860 for Gentle Yoga. In each case you’ll need to bring your own mat or something to lie on. All ages, genders and abilities are welcome.

Hatha Yoga

No Events

Gentle Yoga

No Events
Garden Club

Our Gardening Club events have now been put to bed until next Spring.

No Events

Regrettably the present social distancing measures have scuppered our plans to hold the annual Christmas Bingo event in December. 

No Events


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