Harpham School, Roll of Honour

This Roll of Honour, commemorating all of the ex-pupils of the Harpham, Lowthorpe & Ruston Parva School who fought in the 1st World War, was recently found in a battered frame, gathering dust and tucked away behind a cabinet on our stage.  Goodness knows who placed it there, or how long ago, but the school once opposite the hall has been closed since 1967.

It seemed fitting to have it reframed, and to hang it in the Village Hall to remember these brave people, as many of the family names mentioned are still prevalent in the area.  So, when you next visit the hall why not have a look to see if one of your ancestors is listed.

Interestingly, there is a strong link between this Roll of Honour and the Village Hall, as Mr W.H. St. Quintin of Scampston Hall who presented it to the school 1921, also later gifted the land for the Village Hall, and many of the families mentioned were instrumental in having the Village Hall built.