Tackling Our Damp Problem

The walls along the eastern side of the hall had been badly affected by rising damp for the past several years, as can be seen above, causing an unpleasant musty smell to occasionally permeate through the hall, which was most noticeable in the entrance lobby.  So, in November 2023 we closed for 2 weeks to strip out the lobby, gent’s toilet, kitchen and ladies’ toilets to allow unfettered access to the affected walls and commissioned a company to:

  • Hack-off the damp wall plaster to a height of at least 1m;
  • Fix a suitable damp-proof membrane to the exposed brick;
  • Seal where the wall meets the floor;
  • Fix plasterboard on top of the membrane, and then apply a twin coat skim to finish.

It was a somewhat messy job, as can be seen from the images below showing part progress of the work. All we now need do is paint over the new plaster once it has dried.