Through our fund raising activities, and the kindness of several major benefactors we have managed to buy three Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) for our local community. They have been installed in weatherproof cabinets near the centres of Harpham, Lowthorpe and Ruston Rarva at the locations shown below.

All of them are Powerheart Model G5s made by Cardiac Science, which are possibly the best on the market, for they contain a comprehensive self-test system that automatically runs at 3:00am each day to check the unit’s electronics, battery, high voltage circuitry and the attached defibrillator pads for faults, and should any be found then the unit’s “Rescue Ready” indicator disk will change from GREEN to RED. 

A team of local volunteers regularly check the units and report their operational status to the National Defibrillator Network, commonly called “The Circuit”, who ensure that the Emergency Services across the UK always know where the nearest operational AED is located.

The ongoing maintenance of our AEDs, which mainly comprises the periodic replacement of the unit’s battery and the gel pads is kindly funded by the Harpham Parish Council

Village Hall


YO24 4QZ


Bath Close Farm


YO25 4AS


Street Light No. 5

Ruston Parva

YO25 4DG