Replacing Our Wall Ties

Over the years distinctive horizontal patterns of cracked mortar joints had started to appear on the outside of our walls, particularly the northern gable end, and we were advised in late 2020 that it was highly likely that the cavity wall ties in these areas had probably rusted and needed to be replaced.  So, in early 2021, we commissioned a specialist company to check the condition of the ties, which comprised using a metal detector to find several of them in each wall, then drilling a small hole close by to allow a borescope to be inserted into the cavity to visually inspect them.  Sure enough, they found that many had rusted and/or failed completely as you can see below.

Advanced red rust corrosion – rear
Total failure of tie – rear gable

After checking our bank balance and with the welcome financial help of the Lisset Wind Farm Community Fund we had them replaced in August 2021. Below are a couple of pictures of the work in progress. You can see where the old ties have been ground out and the holes where the new “rod” ties have been inserted prior to being filled with mortar. Thankfully, our hall will now remain standing to serve the community for good while longer.

Grinding Out the Old Wall Ties
Old Wall Ties Gone & New Rod Ties In-place